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The SCOPI interactive map provides a visual method of locating and viewing property information.

Please read the following instructions carefully, especially the computer settings section.

More information about the map can be found on the Mapping Questions and Answers page.

SCOPI interactive map

Click here to open SCOPI
in a new browser window.

Instructions for Using SCOPI

Available information:

SCOPI shows property ownership information from the Snohomish County Assessor's Office, updated monthly.

Map Navigation:

Choices on the left side of the screen determine what happens when you click on the map.

For example, click on the word "Zoom In", then click on the map to draw a new map at a larger scale. Hint: To zoom-in closer, click-and-hold the mouse button, then move your mouse to draw a box on the map.

Wait for the map to finish:

Drawing a map on your browser can take several seconds.

The map must finish drawing before the next click will be accepted.
Find a Parcel Number and drawing a background aerial photo on the map take the longest time to complete. Hint: The 'Refresh Map' tool clears map graphics and redraws the map.

View Property Information:

Parcel lines must be visible on the map to view property information from the Assessor's database.

If parcel lines are not visible, Zoom In closer (see above).

If parcel lines are visible, click on the word 'View Property Information' on the left side of the screen. Then click on the map over a parcel.

A separate window with property information will be displayed. Hint: you may wish to view SCOPI at less than full screen on your PC.

Recent Sales:

Recent sales of property can be highlighted on the map by checking on boxes in the "Recent Sales" section of the page. Click on the box next to the year indicated to display sales for that year.

SAMPLE: " 2015 sales "

Parcel lines must be visible to display recent sales on the map.
Hint: If parcel lines are not visible, Zoom In closer (see above).

Definition of Recent sales:
  • occurred between 01/01/2013 to the present
  • are not a leased site
  • are valid market transactions
  • are improved with a dwelling of one of the following:
    • Single Family Residence
    • Manufactured Home
    • Duplex / Triplex
    • Condominium

Sales types that are not shown are:

    • Sales involving multiple parcels
    • Sales involving Quit Claim deeds, estate sales, gifts, or any other transaction not considered to be a ‘market’ transaction

Benchmark Areas (by color):

Benchmark areas are groups of properties that share location and economic similarities. They are identified on the SCOPI map by having the same color. The display of the benchmarks identification colors can be turned on or off by checking the check box next to the words "Benchmark Areas".

Benchmark Numbers:

Each benchmark area is assigned a 7 digit identification number. The benchmark numbers can be turned on or off by checking the check box next to the words "Benchmark Numbers". (The default is off)

Residential benchmark areas begin with the number 1,2,3, or 4 (e.g. 1106000). Commercial benchmark areas begin with the number 5 or 6 (e.g. 5102000).

Find a Specific Benchmark:

By selecting one of the benchmark area identification numbers from the index list you can go directly to a specific benchmark area (highlighted) on the SCOPI map. Hint: To deselect the highlighted neighborhood click on the 'refresh map' button.

The benchmark number for a specific property can be found using the "View Property Information" option which returns the Property Account Summary page. The Benchmark identification number is found about 2/3rds down the page in the section titled Property Maps under the column heading "Neighborhood Code" (another name for benchmark area).

View the Aerial Photo:

Near the bottom of the side bar on the left side of the window, you can choose to display the aerial photo in the background on the map.

The aerial photos cover most of the populated areas of Snohomish County. Photos from 2012 (May-August) and 2007 (June) are available.

Browser compatibility:

A recent browser is recommended to view SCOPI.

Not all combinations of browser and operating systems have been tested, but Firefox, Internet Explorer 6+, and Google Chrome 4+ have been used successfully on Windows; and Firefox and Safari have been used on Mac OS X.

In general, your browser must not block pop-up (new) windows, must show pictures, enable JavaScript, and be able to send unencrypted information (form data) over the Internet.

Computer settings:

Some computer settings can prevent SCOPI from working correctly.
Common problems include:

  • Pop-up blockers
    Description: SCOPI doesn't launch at all; or new browser windows do not display when using 'Print Map' or 'View Property Information'.
    What to do: If you have pop-up blocker software, allow County web pages to open new (pop-up) windows.

    To allow pop-up windows on Internet Explorer, click the menu bar at the top of the browser window and choose Tools > Internet Options.
    Hint: If no menu is visible at the top of the browser window, try pressing the 'Tab' key.
    The Internet Options dialog box should appear. Click the 'Privacy' tab where Pop-up Blocker settings are available.

  • Firewall settings
    Description: SCOPI doesn't launch at all, or is stuck on 'Retrieving Data' with no map displayed.
    What to do: Change firewall settings to enable normal traffic (TCP/IP and HTTP) between your computer and the Internet, and allow new windows to be opened, if applicable.

  • Browser settings
    Description: Initial SCOPI window doesn't finish loading, or is stuck on 'Retrieving Data' with no map displayed.
    What to do: Enable JavaScript, show pictures, enable nonencrypted form data to be sent.

  • Hidden windows
    Description: The property information window does not display on the second or third time clicking on the map.
    What to do: The window with property information may be hidden behind the window showing the map. Keep both windows visible to facilitate viewing for either one.

  • Error messages
    Description: A browser error message appears when clicking on the map that says "Unable to display MapService".
    What to do: Close the interactive map browser window and delete Temporary Internet Files from your system. Internet Explorer can do this under the 'Tools > Internet Options...' menu. The error message should not reappear when you open SCOPI the next time.

Consult your software documentation or technical support staff, or try the Mapping Questions and Answers page for more specific information.

Sorry, but Snohomish County does not provide technical support for web browsing. (browser and website info)

Bookmark / Favorites:

For quick access to the SCOPI interactive map, add this page to your favorites or bookmark list. Bookmarks to the interactive map directly may not work correctly.

Printing a Map:

For best results, choose 'Print Map' from the list of choices, located on the left side of the map. A new window with a map, legend, and title, suitable for printing will be displayed.

Printing directly from the interactive map window is not recommended and may print multiple pages (one for each frame), depending on your browser settings.

Launch SCOPI:

Click here to open the SCOPI Interactive Map in a new browser window.

Contact Information:

Send questions and comments to the Assessor's Office

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